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Long Preston Owls

Welcome to the Owls Class at Long Preston

We are the oldest and hopefully the wisest of all the ‘birds’ in our school. Being the oldest, we relish the challenge of our level of learning and the responsibilities that come with being an Owl.

The staff who work with us are mainly Ms Ward, Mrs Greaves, Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Mercer.

The subjects we enjoy the most in school are maths, PE, computing and art. This year, we have had a new climbing frame on our field and we love playing on it at break times. We also like football and netball or basketball.

In our class, a small group of children usually plan a collective worship each week for the rest of the school. Our recent themes have included stories that raise issues, British values and news stories such as the war in Ukraine. Our other responsibilities include a variety of jobs around school, such as organising the equipment for playtimes, taking care of the school library, helping to clean up after lunchtimes and helping to keep our school a tidy and attractive place to learn.

Every year in Owls, we look forward to performing Maypole dances on the village green on May Day and a residential visit such as our trip to Edinburgh.

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