Giggleswick: 01729 822248 / Hellifield: 01729 850215 / Long Preston: 01729 840377
Hellifield Saplings

Welcome to Sapling Class!

We are the Super Saplings. We’re not quite as little as Acorns, but we’re not quite as Mighty as Oaks. We’re in the middle and we’re glad to be here!

In Sapling class, we have enquiring minds and love to question, investigate and wonder. We’re very hands-on and take pride in the wonderful creations we make in art and DT. We love to read and you will often find us snuggled up in our book corner, losing ourselves in a great book.

We’re a great team, and we love to reward each other with house points for showing the Federation values.

We have a pet stick insect called Gary who we hatched from an egg and now enjoy caring for him, when we can find him! We celebrate our certificate winners each Friday by allowing them to choose a song, which we all dance to. We have named this Funky Fridays!