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Assemblies and collective worship

Assemblies take place every day at each school and involve all classes.  Each assembly includes an act of collective worship in the form of a short prayer or reflection time.  At Long Preston, this is of a distinctly Christian nature.  In all schools, children are encouraged to plan and lead their own assemblies and worship, with the support of staff.

Typical assemblies include a faith story or a story with a moral or a person’s life story. They are chosen to promote spiritual development, to illustrate values, to develop social and emotional skills, to develop empathy with others or to promote a shared sense of community. During and after the stories, children are encouraged to reflect and think for themselves about their personal feelings and responses.  Some assemblies include a moment for reflection.

We end each week with a celebration assembly led by Miss Ward. We celebrate with individual children, their particular achievements. We congratulate children and staff who have demonstrated our school values and who have achievements form outside of school to share.

Assemblies are led by:

  • The Executive Headteacher
  • Local church and faith leaders
  • Class teachers
  • Children

Recent Assembly Themes have included:

  • Our school values:  love, friendship, kindness and respect
  • Remembrance
  • Stories linked to Proverbs
  • Harvest
  • Advent and Christmas
  • British values
  • Good news/Gospels

Our assembly overview and timetable can be found here.